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Visiting Nurse


Golen Star Hospice offers a visiting hospice nurse service that is designed to provide quality, compassionate care for those facing terminal illness. Our nurses are experienced and knowledgeable in end-of-life care, and are dedicated to providing attentive and personalized care for our patients. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the support you need. We strive to provide comfort, dignity and respect to all of our patients, and to make their last days as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

Pain Management


At Golen Star Hospice, we understand that managing pain can be a difficult process. That's why we offer compassionate, personalized pain management services to our patients. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing the highest level of care and comfort to those we serve. Our services include medication management, physical therapy, psychological counseling, and other techniques to help reduce and manage pain. We understand that pain can have a significant physical and emotional impact on our patients, and our goal is to support them in every way possible. At Golen Star Hospice, we are committed to helping our patients improve their quality of life and find relief from their pain.



At Golen Star Hospice, we understand that providing excellent hospice care requires a team effort. That’s why we have a team of care coordinators who are dedicated to helping our patients and their families through this process. Our care coordinators have the experience and knowledge to create a personalized care plan for each patient, and to provide the necessary resources and support to ensure the best possible quality of life for our patients. Our care coordinators are here to assist with any needs that arise and to ensure that each patient receives the best care available. With their help, we are committed to providing our patients with the comfort, dignity, and respect they deserve.


Once eligibility has been established, our team of hospice care professionals works with patients and their families to develop a personalized care plan that meets their unique needs and wishes. Our hospice care services focus on providing pain management, emotional and spiritual support, and assistance with daily activities to ensure the highest quality of life possible for our patients.

At Golden Star Hospice, we are committed to providing compassionate care and support to our patients and their families throughout the end-of-life phase. Contact us today to learn more about our hospice care services and how we can help you and your loved ones during this challenging time.

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